Authentic Craftsmanship


From our furniture workshop located in the heart of rural Dorset, our skilled furniture makers hand-craft each item to the client’s requirements. We start from solid beech and mahogany frames, which are made from the finest seasoned woods. These are both dowelled and glued for maximum strength. Flame retardant foams and fillings are individually sourced for each job, and all are compliant with the British Standard specifications. Each seat is individually hand sprung with coil springs, hand-sewn in using time honoured upholstery methods that have been passed down from father to son.

Fine Leather Furniture


Our company was founded on classical furniture frames covered in fine hand-dyed leather. We are amongst a handful of people in the country who can colour the leather in this way. This is leather is in a more natural state than other dying methods allow; consequently it will change beautifully with age as the oils in the hide settle. It also means that some natural scarring and tonal variation in the hide may be visible, adding to the authentic flavour of the piece.We also offer a “rub-off” leather finish; antiqued leather with a fine corrected grain which arrives with us already coloured. We gently rub back the solid colour to give an aged effect immediately.

Exciting and Modern

The right fabric choice can bring a contemporary twist onto even the most traditional designs. We can help you source the materials to create a piece which will be a centrepoint in any room. Our range includes many pieces which have a sleek, modern feel, with clean lines and corners. We can happily source soft pre-dyed leathers to complement these styles. We have worked with some unusual materials from lizard to stingray hide, and are always happy to take on a challenge creating bespoke pieces to fit into your project.

We are primarily an upholsterer and sofa/chair manufacturer. We specialise in hand-sprung furniture for the luxury domestic and yacht market. We also take on a lot of work locally, recovering and manufacturing furniture for retail customers.

We have a showroom in the front of the workshop where many of our pieces can be seen - and sat on! We love a challenge and will happily talk through any new design ideas you may have. We have an enormous fabric and leather library and can quickly source anything that we don't currently hold stock of.

If you see anything you like, do drop us a line and let us know, or come in and say hi. Pricelists for our in-house range of items are available on request.